Call it a break

Call it a break

            As we’ve talked about before a popular card game, Call Break is taking control of online casinos all over India. It is becoming widely popular. So that means you must know what this is by now.

What is Call Break?

            So this is a strategic trick based game that is widely popular in parts of Nepal and India. The origination of this game is unsure, but it is said to have been created in Nepal and managed to work its way down into some parts of India. It can be either multiplayer or single player when you play online. If you’ve ever played spades it’s like that, but here there are no teams, that’s the only difference.

How do you play and what are the rules?

            It’s quite simple, there are 4 players, who do not have partnerships, and they will have a normal deck of cards. The game goes in a counter clock wise way and the first person is the dealer. The objective of the game is to have the minimum hands equivalent to the call. You can trick people if you do not have the certain card. But you have to make sure that they cannot figure it out or “overtrump” you.

Winning strategies?

            You may think card games don’t need strategy, but if you really want to win it won’t bother you to learn some. First of all make sure that you have the proper bids when. And use your trump card as a lifeline. Don’t make calls based on Jacks or Queens, and your chances of winning increase.

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